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By Alex E Myers

Time Change: The Jump

High school teacher Jack Riggs is having a streak of bad luck. In a matter of hours, he is: • Arrested as a terrorist • Thrown in jail • Breaking up with his psycho girlfriend • And flung a century and a half into the past


It’s 157 years ago in Norfolk, Virginia and Jack has no money, a nearly dead iPhone in his pocket, and no idea how he got there. He must assimilate if he’s to have any hope of getting back. He alone holds the key to saving nearly a million people, and he’s got to do it in three and a half years. 


Can Jack invent this country out of its bloodiest war ever while trying to stay one step ahead of those who want him dead? Time Change Book One jumps back to 1856 and an America on the verge of war . . . and discovery. 
“I like my coffee strong, my physics quantum, and I’m a firm believer in the theory of relativity.” ~Jack Riggs, Inventor 1857

Best Selling Author

Alex Myers

Alex Myers is a full-time, Best Selling Author writing high atop a mountain deep in the heart of Texas.

He lives in one of the coolest cities in America, Austin, Texas. That’s not only centrally located halfway between Dallas and Houston it’s just a couple hours away from the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

Alex was most influenced in his writing by John Steinbeck, Pat Conroy, Richard Matheson, Michael Creighton, and Dean Koontz.

In early May 2015 Alex came out with his latest release “Ghost Hunter: Saving the Ghost Children”, a fast-paced paranormal suspense with just enough fun to keep you from getting too scared.

Projects in the works include a novel set in the world of Apocalypse Weird, Ghost Hunter Two and Time Change Four.

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